“Here’s the van I saw on the way to work this morning. I was glad it was still there on the way home at lunch since I was singing that tune all morning.”

– Paula White via Facebook

Myles Teddywedgers #mymadisonday

Teddywedgers: Pasty Paradise #mymadisonday

Teddywedgers: Come for the food; stay for the air. #mymadisonday

You can’t stop a pasty, only hope to contain it #mymadisonday




Larry Claggett, retired state worker, meets up with thirty of his friends to golf in the rain at Odana Golf Course. I dig his shoes.

– Carolyn Fath

12:30 pm, Madison Public Library – Sequoya

“Hi, I’m Gregg, the librarian who is terrible at staged smiling from Sequoya. I have worked at MPL for 14 years and have worked at Sequoya for the last 11 years. I just live a few blocks away from Sequoya and love serving the neighborhood where I live. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my kids, training for triathlons with my wife, and jogging with my dog.”

– Carolyn Fath

12:35 pm, Madison Enterprise Center

“Here at Artterro we are busy shipping out orders of our beautiful Eco Art Kits from our office here at the Madison Enterprise Center, which is Commonwealth Development’s small business incubator on South Baldwin St. Today we have orders going to gift shops in Traverse City, MI; Atlanta, GA; upstate New York and the web store Cow & Lizard which has its office in Fitchburg. Later today we’ll get some help with shipping and packaging from the teens who participate in a business mentoring program through Commonwealth Development.”

– Jessica Moran via Facebook

Waiting for their iPhone5 #mymadisonday #stevenbauer #stevenbauerphotography #madison #isthmus #instagram #westtownemall #applestore #iphone


Smart Studios – Nirvana’s album “Nevermind” was recorded here. #mymadisonday #stevenbauer #stevenbauerphotography #madison #isthmus #instagram #webstagram


9 am, Capitol Square


Mark Sperry sells about 30 copies of Street Pulse, Madison’s homeless cooperative newspaper, each day. One of his frequent vending sites is on Capitol Square, near Walgreen’s drug store. He’s usually out by 9 a.m. but got an early start today. He pays 25 cents for each newspaper and sells them for $1.

– Joe Tarr

Mickie’s Dairy Bar Cafe #MyMadisonDay #stevenbauer #stevenbauerphotography #madison #instagram #webstagram #mickiesdairybar #isthmus