2:45 pm, YWCA Job Ride office on Latham Drive

Friday afternoons are particularly busy for Kirk Betterkind, who schedules all rides for the YWCA Job Ride program.

The program provides subsidized rides for low-income people to and from work (and to interviews and training) and about 1/4 of them do not get their work schedules for the next week until the Friday before. In all, Betterkind schedules about 2,000 rides a month.

He started at the agency as a part-time driver about 3 1/2 years ago and liked it so much he went full-time and quit his other job. He’s been the scheduler for almost two years.

He calls it a “feel good job.”

“Most riders really appreciate us because they have no other way to get to and from work,” says Betterkind. “It’s a form of social service that benefits people who already have jobs. It’s vital.”

– Judith Davidoff

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