3 p.m., Capitol Square downtown information booth


As a “Downtown Information Ambassador,” Dan Koenig, 23, works in a tiny wooden shack on the Capitol Square. He’s in the middle of a four-hour shift, handling questions from confused passers-by. The job is funded by downtown businesses, so Dan tends to recommend places on State Street and the Square when he gets questions like “Where can I buy a headband?” (Yes, that’s an actual question.)

Dan, who’s finishing up a degree at the UW, has heard stories of ticked-off people coming up to the booth (for example, after getting a parking ticket). But he says he’s had only really nice people since he’s been doing the job. Does he ever get an out-of the-ordinary question?

“They’re pretty much all out of the ordinary,” he says. “I never know what to expect.”

– Dean Robbins

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