3:30 pm, Chazen Museum of Art


The Chazen’s imported exhibition from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, “Offering of the Angels,” is doing land-office business. Art lovers crowd around the Renaissance and Baroque works in the invitingly dark gallery, admiring two-point perspective and chiaroscuro by the likes of Botticelli and Tintoretto. Nice to see that 500-year-old paintings and tapestries can still cause a sensation.

Security guard Kelly Moritz mans the entrance, making sure that no one brings in a backpack, takes a photo, or sips a soda around the valuable works of art. She hasn’t had any serious problems so far at “Offering of the Angels,” but she has heard tell of people touching the delicate canvases. Madison, Madison, Madison.

The works traffic in high seriousness, depicting biblical scenes related to the Eucharist. But that doesn’t prevent the occasional giggle. A trio standing in front of Dal Friso’s “The Resurrection” can’t help laughing at the extraordinarily chubby angels, one of whom gets stepped on (on the head!) by Jesus Christ. A lady points at a weird-looking dude loitering in the lower right-hand corner: “I think that’s a homeless guy who was also sleeping in the tomb.”

– Dean Robbins

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