7:15 pm, Brittingham Park

Here are several observations from an evening jog at Brittingham Park:

  • A jogger stops to get water at a drinking fountain; his beige wool socks and neon green running shoe combo is both strange and somehow fitting for this time of day.
  • A girl wearing a maroon zip-up and accompanied by two chocolate lab puppies struggles to keep the dogs walking in the same direction. Is it me or is dusk like the perfect dog-walking hour?
  • Lake Monona is a frozen gray blushed pearly pink by the setting sun.
  • Father and son play football in the dewy grass — can I join you?
  • (And speaking of wet grass, when did mud start smelling like childhood?)
  • The silver sun-streak blazing across the water makes the sky look like it’s leaking, but not in a bad way.
  • West Shore Drive: a refreshing dose of actual families, front-porch suburbia, and silence.
  • Is it getting darker?
  • Orange leaves highlight the tips of trees like brown hair sun-dyed blond.
  • The lake breeze: brisk.
  • It is getting darker.
  • Home.

– Samuel Eichner

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