10 am, Dane County Courthouse Room 1A


The mood is far from somber as protesters cited for holding signs at the state Capitol await their appearance before Dane County Circuit Court Commissioner Todd Meurer.  In fact, they leave the courtroom singing and pose for a group photo in the lobby of the courthouse.

Bart Munger, whose ticket was delivered to him at work at UW-Madison, pled not guilty and requested a jury trial. So did the others, according to attorneys Aaron Halstead and Jonathan Rosenblum. Munger is now scheduled to appear in court on October 26.

The funniest moment in the proceedings comes when attorney Patricia Hammel wonders aloud where the prosecuting attorney from the Department Of Justice is. The department had requested that it take over prosecution of these tickets from the Dane County District Attorney.

Hammel: I heard that DOJ would be here.

Meurer: I did too.

– Judith Davidoff

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