6:30 am, The Studio

The sun rose at 6:45 am this morning, the mid point of a morning yoga class at the The Studio. The outside temperature was around 50 degrees when the class began at 6:15 am. But with heat lamps on the ceiling and vents around the floor, the room glowed at ninety degrees and smelled like cedar. Eight students lined the walls with their mats.

Instructor Autumn Hensel, considers herself a “60 percent morning person,” preferring to wake up by 7 am When she can, she starts her day with yoga and a “big ‘ol breakfast with tea and flowers at the breakfast table.”

She’s been practicing yoga for ten years and teaching it for two. She’s taught the Friday morning class since last December. Hensel eases her students into the practice with a meditation time. And at the end of the class she talks them through the transition into their day.

Attendees include students, out-of-town visitors, people stopping in before work, and those who have the day off.

“I’m always inspired by those people who come in the door,” says Hensel.

Whether they come in for physical, mental, or spiritual reasons, Hensel sends them off after an hour, better prepared for the day.

“All the lessons that you learn from that practice just naturally fall into the rest of the day,” she says.

People featured in the video:
Autumn Hensel (instructor), Aja Lefebvre (program director)
Students: Alison Coulson, Katie Flottum, Ben Saffran, Tom Russell, Reed Bonner, and Mark Lindgren

– Nora Hertel