10:10 pm, Stop-N-Go at corner of Glenway and Speedway

Joe is working the 2-11 pm shift at Stop-N-Go, as he does most nights. He doesn’t like missing dinner at home, and he admits that “this is about as boring as a gas station is going to get.” Still, he doesn’t seem too unhappy to be working here. He’s got a smile on his face, and he jokes with a regular customer while we’re talking.

Joe is also amused by an incident that happened earlier in the day, when a cute college-age girl asked for $4 in gas, then wondered if she could borrow the $4 from him. It was a crazy request, but he was just crazy enough to lend her the money.

Best of all, the Brewers won today, putting Joe in a great mood. Employees aren’t allowed to read, watch TV, or go online, but they are allowed to listen to baseball on the radio. He was no big baseball fan before, but he’s cultivated an interest in the game since working at Stop-N-Go.

“Baseball is boring,” Joe says, “but it’s less boring than working at a gas station.”

– Dean Robbins

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