8 pm, The Sett in Union South

From the counter at the Sett in Union South, student supervisor and griller Logan Glassenapp appears to enjoy his job. Tonight, his mood is contagious. While helping customers, assisting new co-workers and grilling hamburger patties, he issues more than the occasional joke, and is often seen dancing around the prep area.

“The same people that come here to have fun, just being at the Union, are students that work here, and I’m just the kind of person who come here to have fun while I’m hanging at the Union, and working,” Glassenapp says.

Working in the Sett is no easy feat. Every home football game day weekend, hundreds of Badger fans arrive at Union South craving hot dogs, nachos, and cheese curds.

“It’s pandemonium, man!” Glassenapp says. “We’ve actually got people from the community coming in, not just students.”

Beyond the music on the stage or the sports updates blaring on the television screens, Union South’s grill serves entertainment, humor, and delicious food, courtesy of grillers and life enthusiasts like Glassenapp.

– Bess Donoghue

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