10:30 pm, Greenbush Bakery

It’s just 10:30 pm so the line is not yet out the door. That doesn’t happen until about bar time, says Alex Hintz, who holds down the fort evenings at the Greenbush Bakery.

All of the donuts on the shelf were made today, says Hintz. And he predicts nearly everything will be sold by the time the shop closes at 3 am. “They rarely throw anything out.”

James Gibson, who is working late at the university, stops by to pick up some donuts for breakfast. He buys three chocolate old-fashioneds for himself and one strawberry filled donut for his wife, Sue Medaris, the artist and sister of Isthmus alumnus David Medaris.

Though reluctant at first to be photographed, Gibson decides an action shot is the way to go. Hintz complies with another chocolate old-fashioned — this time on the house.


– Judith Davidoff

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