1:20 pm, “Music in Performance” class at the UW Humanities Building

It’s time for one of UW-Madison’s most popular courses: “Music In Performance.”

This class has a rich history at the university, dating back to the 1940s, with legendary professors Gunnar Johanssen, Rudolf Kolisch, and the original Pro Arte Quartet.

While the purpose of “Music in Performance” is to expose students to a variety of live musical experiences, many are there for one main reason: to enjoy and appreciate good music.

During each class, different performers — who might be UW School of Music faculty members, graduate students, or guests — will perform and discuss a wide-ranging repertoire for solo instruments and chamber ensembles.

Friday’s musicians are Mark Hetzler, Vincent Fuh, Nick Moran and Todd Hammes, respectively, on trombone, piano, bass and drums. All are UW-Madison faculty members. Together, they formed a jazz band to perform for the class.

Along with undergrads, grad students and senior citizens are also enrolled in the course, making this time part of their Friday routine to relax and enjoy music.

“It is a great chance to get away from the strict academic atmosphere, enjoy the music, and put them in a different world,” says Professor Marc Fink, who has taught the course for about six years.

– Xiumei Dong

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